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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Exhaustion is a killer!


Exhaustion is a killer! The Buttery Private program gives people techniques to manage exhaustion and workplace burnout. Read the article  

Exhaustion is a killer!2019-04-11T14:36:19+10:00

Presenteeism: costs that can’t be seen


Presenteeism; people being at work but so tired they are not productive is costing Australia an estimated $10 billion a year. The Buttery Private program addresses workplace burnout and exhaustion and gives participants strategies to address these problems. Read the article  

Presenteeism: costs that can’t be seen2019-04-11T14:36:50+10:00

Good quality sleep is essential


Having enough good quality sleep is essential for wellbeing and sleep deprivation has many serious health consequences. This article has invaluable information about being tired even though you may have had what could be regarded as a good night's sleep. Read the article

Good quality sleep is essential2019-04-11T14:37:27+10:00

Strategies for work-life balance


The ideal for most people is to achieve what people call “work-life balance”. In this competitive world this is easier to say than achieve. This useful article gives useful tips to achieve a more balanced life while still maintaining one’s work and personal commitments. Read the article  

Strategies for work-life balance2019-04-11T14:37:59+10:00

Depression: statistics, symptoms, treatment


The World Health Organisation has identified an 18% increase in the number of people suffering depression. Some 300 million people world-wide are affected. This article explains the phenomenon and has useful information about symptoms and treatment. Read the full article here

Depression: statistics, symptoms, treatment2019-04-11T14:38:33+10:00

How’s your work-life balance?


An interesting read from news.com.au exploring the idea of 'tilting', rather than seeking that perfect balance everyone wants but few achieve. ...this idea of striking a work-life balance is a complete myth. It’s damaging and pressures us to achieve something impossible, where a more fluid approach provides the flexibility required to meet the different [...]

How’s your work-life balance?2019-04-11T14:39:04+10:00