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Personality traits mark teenage binge drinkers


Binge drinking and other substance misuse are prevalent among many teenagers. Many display higher than average levels of impulsiveness, sensitivity to anxiety, sensation seeking and hopelessness. These four personality traits have been shown by researchers to predict those teenagers at high risk of becoming binge drinkers with 90 per cent accuracy. Read the article [...]

Personality traits mark teenage binge drinkers2019-04-11T14:35:23+10:00

Manage your energy, not your time


Management-speak offers a lot of advice about efficient time-management, yet many people report being more burnt out, stressed and exhausted than ever due to unrelenting work commitments.   This very practical article from the Harvard Business Review shifts the focus from time management to personal energy management. A focus of The Buttery Private program is [...]

Manage your energy, not your time2019-04-11T14:35:51+10:00
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