In increasing numbers, problem gamblers are seeking out The Buttery Private as a way to turn their life around.

As one of the very few residential programs in Australia which can focus on gambling addiction, The Buttery Private’s psycho-social model has proven itself to be very successful for treating gambling addiction.

Emma Ryan, Program Coordinator of The Buttery’s gambling treatment program, says The Buttery Private is successful because it treats  the underlying causes of problem gambling.

“Gambling is a symptom of unhappiness and trauma. Any program that helps look at the underlying causes of gambling in a safe nurturing environment, treating the person on the levels of mind body spirit – is the way forward,”

“Everyone has a different ‘last straw’ – often they only seek help when they are at risk of losing their relationship, their home or their job.

“But the sooner problem gamblers seek treatment, the better,” says Emma.

Anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and other unpleasant feelings can trigger compulsive gambling. Through The Buttery Private program participants learn techniques to minimise the negative effects of these unpleasant feelings. Relaxation techniques, mediation, cognitive behavioural therapy, becoming involved with music, art or crafts, the therapeutic use of exercise are some of the techniques which can be employed to treat problem gambling.

The program is undertaken in a safe, non-judgemental, confidential environment. Nutritious food, rest, meditation, exercise and energising activities such as time spent in a natural setting combined with counselling and group therapy can promote lasting recovery from gambling addiction.

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