The Buttery Private’s residential well-being program gives participants the opportunity to address their mental health and / or substance misuse issues in a relaxing, supportive, regenerative environment.

Support from dedicated staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each day is structured to achieve the best possible outcomes over the shortest possible period. Participants are allowed adequate free time to relax, exercise and focus on their personal journey to recovery.

The program content varies through the four weeks of a participant’s stay. The program is tailored to include a range of therapeutic activities including: art as therapy, yoga, group outings and individual and group counselling sessions. Good nutrition with chef prepared meals using organic ingredients as much as possible is a feature of the program and assists recovery. A typical day may comprise:

6.00 am: wake and engage in individual morning program

7.00 am: body balance / yoga class with a trained facilitator

8.15 am: breakfast provided by The Buttery Private’s chef

9.00 am: counselling session morning tea

11.00 am: art as therapy session

12 noon: psycho-educational group session

1.00 pm: lunch provided by The Buttery Private’s chef

2.00 pm: program varies from day-to-day comprising individual counselling, group counselling, spa circuit, massage or pilates

3.30 pm: group counselling session

5.00 pm: free time for reading, swimming, walking or other exercise

6.00 pm: light dinner provided by The Buttery Private’s chef

7.30 pm: free time or evening program: personal reflection, reading, games, television, DVDs, music, art project or guided discussion session.

9.30 pm: bed

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