The World Health Organization defines drug addiction as:

“A state of periodic and chronic intoxication detrimental to the individual and to society, produced by the repeated consumption of a drug.”
“Its characteristics include:
An overpowering desire or need (compulsion) to continue taking the drug and to obtain it by any means;
A tendency to increase the dose;
A psychic (psychological) and sometimes a physical dependence on the effects of the drug.”

The Buttery Private program is designed as a circuit breaker for people whose substance misuse is taking them down a path to addiction.

Many individuals who abuse alcohol and/or drugs do not consider themselves “addicts.”  In many cases, it is only when substance misuse seriously impinges on their lives that people seek treatment. It is only then that they come to the realisation that their recreational drug use or social drinking constitutes the early stages of addiction.

The Buttery Private wellbeing program is modelled on the highly successful program developed by The Buttery over decades.

It is based on a three phase approach which addresses the physiological, psychological and social aspects of addiction.

First: The addicted person physically withdraws from the drug of addiction (including alcohol). This is carried out under medical supervision at a location convenient to the participant generally in a medically approved facility. This is only the first phase of the rehabilitation program as it addresses the physical symptoms of addiction only.

In some cases, where a person has not been physically dependent on drugs for a long time, it may be possible to withdraw from drugs outside a clinical setting such as a hospital or detox centre. This decision can only be made by a doctor. The Buttery Private strongly recommends that withdrawal be undertaken under medical supervision. For more information about withdrawal contact your general practitioner or The Buttery Private Phone 1300 851 695.

Second: Prior to joining the program, a psychological assessment helps determine the content of each participant’s program at The Buttery Private. By the time the participant has arrived for the residential program a customised program has been designed to address their individual needs.  An intensive individual residential program conducted over 28 days then follows. A structured follow up by phone, email or teleconferencing guides each participant in applying what they have learnt in the residential program. Follow-up is for up to three months and comprises up to seven sessions of 30 minutes’ duration.

Third: The psycho-social aspects of the person’s addiction, informed by the psychological assessment, are addressed during the residential program and in follow-up sessions. This includes addressing the underlying causes for the person misusing drugs; working with experienced counsellors to help guests resolve these underlying causes; helping guests understand life patterns and triggers that cause mental health issues, including drug and alcohol misuse; equipping guests psychologically to lead more fulfilling lives.

The program is undertaken in a safe, non-judgemental, confidential environment. Nutritious food, rest, meditation, exercise and energising activities such as time spent in a natural setting combined with counselling and group therapy promote recovery from addiction.

If you have an enquiry about addiction, please complete the form below or call 1300 851 695.

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