SPROUTING PASSION: Buttery Private chef, Linda, has a passion for cooking for health and wellbeing. Here, she is sprouting buckwheat to add to her special Buttery Private granola.

Good food is an integral part of The Buttery Private wellbeing program.

Where possible, produce is sourced locally and all meals made from scratch.

The Buttery Private’s dedicated chef, Linda, specialises in cooking for recovery. “It’s my passion.  I believe that good nutritious food is an essential part of the healing process.

“Meal times are a highlight of our residents’ day. Not only because they tell me it is delicious but also because food brings people together — it’s always a talking point.

Linda said the menu is low carbohydrate and nutrient-dense, although she works with each individual’s dietary requirements.

On the menu, for example, is local-caught fish and greens from The Buttery Private’s own garden.

Then there is Linda’s famous muesli. All the nuts are sourced locally and activated on the premises. Every element is made from scratch.

“I soak the buckwheat overnight and then leave it to sprout little tails. This boosts the nutrient content and makes it more bioavailable. From there I dehydrate it on a very low-heat in a dehydrator so it stays high in nutrition. From there it is added to dates, made into a date paste, and spread back on the dehydration sheet until it is crispy.  I then break it up into bits and that goes into our famous home-made granola.”

By growing our own vegetables and making everything from scratch, I can control the quality and nutritional benefits of the menu.

“What I love best is that by the end of the four weeks people say they are inspired to cook for the wellbeing after they finish the program. I love that the food is an essential part of The Buttery Private wellness program,” said Linda.