FAQ Summary

How long is the Program?

The Buttery Private Wellbeing Program has a four-week residential (live-in) component.

After completing the four week residential program, participants receive ongoing phone and/or video conferencing counselling support.

Will I be able to have contact with my family?

The Buttery Private Wellbeing Program is designed as a time-out from your usual routine and social connections. This gives you time to address possible barriers and limitations to your wellbeing.

Whilst there will be some opportunities to connect with your family and friends on evenings and weekends, the amount and level of contact will be discussed with the therapists and group as part of your wellbeing plan.

The Buttery Private Wellbeing Program aims to help you develop more positive ways of relating with others. Some participants find that having some space from regular contact with family, friends or colleagues helps to explore the nature of these relationships and how they can be redefined going forward.

Will I be able to continue working whilst completing the Program?

It is recommended that participants fully focus on their recovery and wellbeing and take time-out from their business or professional commitments during their stay at The Buttery Private. However, it is acknowledged that this is not always possible for people with busy careers or commitments.

Phone and internet access is available at The Buttery Private. The extent to which work commitments can be maintained is managed on a case by case basis in consultation between participants and their therapists.

Am I able to smoke?

The Buttery Private is a smoke-free site and no smoking is allowed on the premises. The site is also drug and alcohol-free.

Participants coming into the Program who smoke can be supported to cease, using nicotine replacement therapies and smoking cessation strategies to help cope with cravings and the urge to smoke.

Participants have found that they are better able to address other barriers to their wellbeing when they cease smoking, then when they are smoking to avoid and suppress difficult, unpleasant feelings, and emotional issues.

Is caffeine available?

The Buttery Private is also caffeine-free. This is to ensure participants can give their full attention to the Program.

What is the cost of the Program?

The total cost of the Buttery Private Program is all inclusive. This includes the assessment, the 4-week residential program (including all meals and accommodation, individual and group counselling, yoga and exercise, meditation, massage, spa circuits and outings) and the aftercare follow-up provided by phone or teleconferencing.

The Buttery Private is a social enterprise, this means any profits generated from this program will be applied to The Buttery’s charitable works as a non-for profit organisation.

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