Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling, is a type of impulse-control disorder.

Compulsive gamblers are unable to control the impulse to gamble. They continue gambling even when they know their gambling is hurting themselves or loved ones. The impulse to gamble takes over their lives no matter how serious the consequences.

No matter whether they win or lose are happy or depressed; compulsive gamblers keep gambling. This is a gambling addiction.

In many cases gambling addictions co-exist in people who have other impulse control disorders such as alcohol and/or drug abuse issues.

Because every person is unique The Buttery Private takes into account each individual’s needs and tailors a program to meet these needs.

The Buttery Private program takes a holistic approach to treating gambling disorders.  This involves identifying underlying issues which may give rise to problem gambling and employing psychological techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy to help each individual develop strategies to control their impulse to gamble.

Anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and other unpleasant feelings can trigger compulsive gambling. Through The Buttery Private program participants learn techniques to minimise the negative effects of these unpleasant feelings. Relaxation techniques, mediation, cognitive behavioural therapy, becoming involved with music, art or crafts, the therapeutic use of exercise are some of the techniques which can be employed to treat problem gambling.

The program is undertaken in a safe, non-judgemental, confidential environment. Nutritious food, rest, meditation, exercise and energising activities such as time spent in a natural setting combined with counselling and group therapy can promote lasting recovery from gambling addiction.

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