Group sessions

The Buttery Private program is based on the “Community as Method” approach. This unique psychosocial approach involves everyone in the program supporting each other to achieve sustainable well-being. Because it is integral to the success of the program, everyone is expected to participate in this way.

Participants have regular group meetings facilitated by experienced counsellors trained in group processes. Participants share their own personal journeys to wellbeing. By doing so they support the personal journeys of everyone in the program.

This method encourages the renewal of personal values such as honesty, self-reliance and respect for self and others. It is of proven therapeutic value.

The supportive relationships which inevitably develop between participants are invaluable in encouraging everyone to take personal responsibility for their own well-being.

In the interests of effective group work, everyone taking part in the program must agree to adhere to confidentiality about the content of group discussions.

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