Isolation is a symptom of disconnection from our own essence, from others and a withdrawal from life.

As human beings we are naturally interdependent and therefore the reflection of how we live can inspire or not inspire others.

Group and peer interaction is an essential element of the Buttery Private program, allowing participants to heal the underlying causes of isolation.

Having healthy, harmonious and inspirational connection with others is an important element of ongoing wellbeing

In the experience of counsellors over many years in The Buttery’s residential rehabilitation program, people who are socially isolated may be more prone to developing mental health issues and abusing drugs or alcohol.

This view is supported by research studies including a recent study by researchers at the College of Natural Sciences in Austin, Texas.

People with substance misuse issues often experience isolation when they are drinking and using drugs, even if they go out with friends or go regularly to clubs and bars. Due to feelings of loneliness or insecurity they use substances to mask those feelings.

Once people develop alcohol or drug dependence, more relationships fail causing further withdrawal and isolation from others, which in turn creates significant barriers to recovery.

If we are affected by low self worth, self doubt and a lack of self love we are already disconnected from our true self and will find it difficult to have meaningful relationships with others.

By addressing the issue of isolation and its effects on self, participants in the program are able to learn how to develop more fulfilling relationships.

The Buttery Private helps people learn to connect or reconnect with others as part of the process of developing sustainable, life-long wellbeing.

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