Massage / bodywork for wellbeing

Bodywork, such as massage is offered as an integral part of The Buttery Private wellbeing program.

All sessions are delivered by a qualified practitioner who understands the impact on the body and mind of stress, anxiety, depression and substance misuse.

Numerous studies have found that massage can be very beneficial for the mind and body: specifically the ability of massage to reduce states of depression and anxiety and to relieve symptoms of withdrawal. ¹

Massage triggers the release of hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. Massage mimics the pleasure we experience when we use alcohol and drugs. Massage treatments can also reduce levels of cortisol which is a hormone related to feelings of stress and anxiety.

Bodywork, such as massage treatment, offers participants the opportunity to clear the tension in the body that  results from ill choices and behaviours. It also activates hormones to improve mood and reduce anxiety.

All bodywork treatments are discussed with your individual counsellor as part of developing a personal care plan to suit your individual needs.

Participants’ individual needs and personal histories are treated with the utmost respect. This is especially the case when dealing with the trauma some participants may have experienced in the past. This can impact on a person’s willingness to undertake massage therapy.

1. Moyer, C.A.PhD (2008) “Affective Massage Therapy.” Int Journal of Therapeutic Massage Bodywork; 1(2): 3-5 PublMed#21589715

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