Meditation for wellbeing

Participants in The Buttery Private program are taught how to meditate. They are  and encouraged to meditate in keeping with the program’s holistic mind-body approach to wellbeing.

Numerous studies* show that meditation has physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Meditation can go hand- in-hand with achieving sustainable wellbeing and mental wellness.

Through meditation people begin to feel a deeper sense of relaxation They are refreshed and energised.

Meditation leads to reduced blood pressure and an increase in serotonin. This will improve one’s mood.

Meditation is proven to reduce anxiety levels and help gain focus and peace of mind.

On a spiritual level, meditation develops a greater awareness and can increase open-mindedness and creativity.

A main objective of the program is to equip participants with skills and techniques to achieve lasting wellbeing.  Encouraging meditation practice is part of this.

*For example: JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, Vol. 64(7), 840–862 (2008) & 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Published online in Wiley InterScience

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