Mission / Vision

The Mission of The Buttery Private is: “To create foundations for wellbeing.”

The Mission of the parent organisation of The Buttery Private, The Buttery is:  “Pathways for everyone to reflect, learn, share and grow.”

Our vision is to enrich lives.

The Buttery Private is a not-for-profit organisation.

It is part of The Buttery, a long-established charity and tax deductible gift recipient.

Surplus funds generated from The Buttery Private are carefully applied to The Buttery’s charitable works.

These include: a residential treatment program where most participants are treated at no direct cost to themselves; a free family counselling program for the family members and loved ones of people who may have mental health and/or addiction issues; preventive programs for youth at risk as well as programs in the community for youth and adults who may have mental health, addiction, alcohol or substance misuse issues. 

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