It may be time to check in and ask: Are you so busy looking after everyone else, that you don’t have time for yourself?

The Buttery Private is seeing increasing numbers of mothers who prioritise the health and happiness of others to the detriment of their own wellbeing.

We tend to celebrate the fact that women and mothers nurture everyone before themselves. Instead, perhaps we need to be encouraging mum to value herself.

Often a mother’s self-worth is determined by her selflessness.

Our psychologists say they are seeing women run ragged – getting their kids to music lessons, organising the right holiday, looking after everyone else. But this comes at a cost to themselves.

They may hit a wall where they think they need something drastic or new — a new face, new breasts, or an affair, but what they really need is self-worth and self-care.

Also, the ways many mums ‘reward’ themselves is indicative of a lack of true self-care.

Mums may be relying too much on alcohol or gambling or shopping for a sense of reward. But is mum really going to benefit longer term from going to a spa or retreat or does she need a real intensive circuit-breaker like The Buttery Private which addresses the underlying causes of addictive coping behaviour?

About The Buttery Private

“The Buttery Private is an early intervention for people who are still functioning well enough but who could benefit from taking time out to address issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, burnout and substance misuse.

The four-week residential program is conducted at an idyllic retreat near Byron Bay.

Each participant works with their personal clinician to develop a customised program addressing their specific needs. After a four-week stay, participants continue working with their therapist via phone or Skype to ensure they can apply what they learn from the program to their daily lives so they do not fall back into self-limiting behaviour.

The Buttery Private offers more than a typical health retreat because it uses best-practice psychological techniques to bring about lasting change. It is a circuit-breaker to change entrenched patterns of self-defeating behaviour. To do this, it incorporates current research on the neuroscience of trauma, anxiety and the brain’s response to threat.

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