Our proud heritage

The Buttery Private’s residential wellbeing program gives participants the opportunity to address their mental health and substance misuse issues in a relaxing, supportive, regenerative environment.

In this intensive program, support from dedicated staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each day is structured to achieve the best possible outcomes over the shortest possible period. Participants are allowed adequate free time to relax, exercise and focus on their personal journey to recovery.

The Buttery Private is part of a very well-respected organisation, The Buttery.  Since the 1970s, we have been helping people manage their mental health, alcohol and substance misuse issues.

The Buttery Private brings together The Buttery’s proven methodologies with the latest evidence-based techniques in a condensed treatment program. The needs of the whole person to achieve wellness and well-being are addressed.

Set in beautiful surroundings in the Byron Bay hinterland, The Buttery Private’s wellness program takes a holistic approach. We set out to help people who are suffering mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, high levels of stress and feelings of inadequacy.

Many of these conditions become manifest in substance misuse, general apathy, relationship difficulties, ambivalence and sometimes anger.

Many people due to professional, business or family responsibilities do not have the time to attend a long-term residential program. The Buttery has developed The Buttery Private wellbeing program as an early intervention.

Following a detailed assessment, participants undertake a  four week residential component followed by a phone and/or teleconferencing follow-up with counsellors. Follow-up is for up to three months: comprising seven sessions of 30 minutes’ duration.

The Buttery Private is a not-for-profit organisation.

 It is part of The Buttery, a long-established charity and tax deductible gift recipient.

 Surplus funds generated from The Buttery Private are carefully applied to The Buttery’s charitable works.

These include: a residential treatment program where most participants are treated at no direct cost to themselves; a free family counselling program for the family members and loved ones of people who may have mental health and/or addiction issues; preventive programs for youth at risk as well as programs in the community for youth and adults who may have mental health, addiction, alcohol or substance misuse issues.  

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