The Buttery Private program is a whole person program.

  • We take a unique holistic approach to the treatment of issues such as anxiety, depression, work related burn out and substance misuse.

  • Our program is fully evidence based. The treatment methodology is based on the drug and alcohol rehab program of our parent organisation, The Buttery. This program has been developed over decades and helps its participants achieve a documented very high non-relapse rate compared to other programs.

  • It is evidence based utilising current research on the neuroscience of trauma, anxiety and the brain’s responses to threat.

  • It incorporates the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Exposure Therapy, Compassion Focused and Schema Therapy to address the impact of the mind’s responses to threat on our body, sense of self and relationships with others.

The objective of The Buttery Private program is to help people in a supported, therapeutic environment to better understand the underlying causes of a condition and to take steps to lead a more fulfilling, healthier life.

The Buttery Private program is about helping each participant develop an understanding of what it takes to live life to the full: to reach one’s full potential free from life-limiting behaviours such as substance misuse or self-sabotage.

Participants learn how to build different relationships with their health, sleep, nutrition, exercise, movement and connection with themselves and with others.

Everyone is taught better ways of working and being in life so as not to develop exhaustion and more serious issues of depression, anxiety, addiction and illness.

A key objective of the program is to equip people with improved inter-personal skills to enhance family, social and business and professional relationships.

At its core, this integrated program deals with the issues around a person’s connection with their self and their connection with others.

The program is based on the assumption that participants are willing to become involved with and take control of their own wellbeing. Our highly experienced counsellors help empower participants to lead a better life free from the limitations self defeating behaviours such as substance misuse impose.

Programs are tailored to each individual’s need based on an initial assessment.

The Buttery Private is more than a health retreat.

It is a challenging program designed to achieve lasting positive results. Participants are expected to engage with counsellors and other participants in the program to bring about positive change in their own lives.

They address the underlying issues which have lead to life-limiting patterns.

The program includes structured phone and/or videoconferencing follow-up. Each participant has a a follow-up customised to address their individual needs.

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