Marco, 31, tried many rehabs before The Buttery Private.

At 31, Marco* had been to five other rehabs before going to The Buttery Private.

He said his stay at The Buttery Private was different from his experiences at other rehabs because it was an invaluable opportunity to learn more about himself and the behaviours behind his addiction.

Ther Buttery Private is a social enterprise which helps financially support The Buttery’s drug and alcohol rehab and community outreach programs.  It  is a fee-paying wellbeing program which uses The Buttery’s evidence-based community therapy model.

“You learn about yourself in The Buttery Private. I learnt about not being too hard on myself, about looking after myself. I learnt to be open and honest with myself and others. You have to surrender to what you are taught here if you are to find lasting recovery,” Marco said.

After a severely traumatic event at 17, Marco said he switched from being a recreational cannabis smoker and drinker to self-medicating for his sadness and trauma by injecting amphetamines (“speed”).

He managed to keep his job, working in his family’s business despite his accelerating drug use. At 25 he started using heroin.

“There were family issues about my using drugs while I operated equipment. It became a safety issue. I lost my self respect and my heroin use destroyed my relationship. Finally I admitted at 27 that I was an addict and needed help, because I just couldn’t cope with my life any more.”

He said he went to a succession of rehabs, but after completing the programs, relapsed each time.

Marco’s drug use came to a head when he overdosed and “died for a minute” before Narcan was administered.

As a result of the overdose he suffered severe physical symptoms including circulation issues, the temporary loss of movement in his legs as well as bronchial disease.

“At the end of last year, I decided that I needed a long-term rehab. I knew of The Buttery’s reputation, so I phoned them.  Shaun, the guy I spoke to, told me about The Buttery Private program and I decided to join The Buttery Private.”

“I’d been in hospital-like rehabs before and decided I didn’t want to go into a hospital setting. The Buttery Private is not at all like that.”

Marco successfully completed the four week intensive program at The Buttery Private as an introduction to joining The Buttery’s Therapeutic Community long-term residential program.

*Name changed to preserve anonymity, library image used.