To ensure optimal results, the program includes an intensive psychoeducation component. It is customised to address each individual’s treatment goals.

This helps participants better understand what’s behind mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or PTSD. It includes reference to factors which can lead to substance misuse and the factors which can lead to addiction.

Psychoeducation first helps participants identify the issues which are affecting them. Once a person better understands a condition, they feel more in control of the situation and this in turn reduces the stress associated with it.

Then, working with experienced counsellors, participants develop an outcomes-centred strategy which is used to develop each individual’s program.

Psychoeducation takes place in one-on-one meetings with a counsellor and in a group. By sharing thoughts and insights with the group, every individual within the group is able to learn more about their individual needs.

Topics discussed within the group environment can be discussed in more detail during individual one-on-one therapy.

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