Many things in life can affect our wellbeing but none more so when we become preoccupied on one behaviour or activity to the detriment to other parts of life such as our self-care, work, study and relationships.

With the explosion of the use of digital devices, behavioural addictions such as online gambling and gaming disorders are becoming more common and negatively impacting on individuals, families and our sense of community.

The Buttery Private Wellbeing Program is in a unique place to help people address behavioural addictions such as gambling and internet gaming. It is designed to act as an early intervention or circuit breaker for people to change their relationship with devices and look at the underlying issues driving our need to change the way we feel by gambling or gaming.

The primary focus of this well being program is to reset people’s connection to themselves and others, by creating space for people to become aware of what is happening for them and redeveloping positive connections with themselves and others.

In the program, participants are encouraged to limit their use of phones and computers to a few times during the week and usually at night. This allows people to fully engage in groupwork (6-8 participants) and individual counseling during the day and experience the joy and fun of re-connecting with others socially and supporting others to achieve their wellbeing goals.

Four wellbeing programs have now been completed with participants addressing a wide of behavioural and substance addictions such as online betting, gaming addictions, preoccupations with dating sites, pornography, social media, news feeds. Individual treatment plans work with participants to address the underlying issues of anxiety, depression, trauma and low self-worth that may be contributing to why people are looking for a behaviour to change negative feelings and emotions.