We are unique

The Buttery Private program is unique. It is unlike any other health retreat, mental wellness, substance misuse, rehab or addiction treatment program because:

It is a challenging program designed to achieve lasting results.

Each participant, working with a trained professional, sets their own goals and develops a unique program just for them.

Participants are guided and challenged to do the work needed to bring about lasting personal growth.

Participants will learn techniques to achieve a healthy work life balance.

The program is evidence based using best practice to achieve lasting wellness.

It is a holistic program which addresses all aspects of an individual’s health and well-being.

Using a tried and tested outcomes-based approach, emotional and psychological issues as well as physical issues are addressed within a small group setting of no more than 12 participants.

Participants are encouraged to connect with each other and to work together to create a mutually supportive environment.

Participants spend four weeks in a focused residential program. This is preceded by a detailed self assessment, and followed by a follow-up under the close supervision of each participant’s personal counsellor. This gives participants the support they need to apply what they have learnt during the four week stay to achieving lasting results.

It is based on one of the most successful wellbeing programs in Australia developed and refined since 1973 at The Buttery Private’s parent organisation, The Buttery.

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