Week-by-week program

The residential component of Buttery Private Program is a four-week integrated learning experience. Its main objective is to create long-term sustainable wellbeing.

Before commencing the residential component, participants undertake a thorough assessment with a qualified clinician. They work with the clinician to develop a customised program and outcomes plan. These are developed according to the unique needs of each participant.

Following the residential component, participants take part in a customised follow-up with an experienced counsellor by phone and/or video conference.

Residential component: Week-by-Week

Week One: Recognition of self-limiting thoughts, emotions and behaviours

  • Develop self-care routine

  • Identify program goals and develop

  • Reconnection to the body

Week Two: Implementing the framework for change

  • Understanding stress responses

  • Skill development

  • Emotional regulation

  • Develop a compassionate perspective

Week Three: Experience, refine, practice and promote

  • Explore helpful coping skills, strategies and behaviours

  • Address barriers to wellbeing

  • Elements of healthy relating and communication

  • Practice quality connections to self, others and life

Week Four: Consolidation, maintenance and planning

  • Finalise elements of self-care and daily routine for wellbeing plan

  • Appreciation of learnings and change

  • Supportive relationships going forward

  • Implementing the quality of connection to self, life and others

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