The Buttery Private Program is focused on helping participants build self-mastery.

All participants are encouraged to achieve wellbeing by developing a true sense of connection to self.

Participants can apply this sense of connection to their daily interactions with others: with intimate partners, family members, friends, work colleagues and everyone they meet.

The essence of true wellbeing lies in the quality of the relationships we have with ourselves, our bodies, mind, soul and others.

Wellbeing is so much more than just the physical.

It is the quality that we live in every moment, in every day. It is our interactions, our choices, our commitments, our expression. It is the quality of our being.

Wellbeing starts from within and is dependent on our connection to self and to something larger than ourselves. True wellbeing brings emotional stability and an openness to others.

Participants in The Buttery Private Program, working with qualified facilitators, explore how to create sustainable wellbeing.

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Current research suggests the five main elements to wellbeing are:

  • Career – being engaged in work that you enjoy and gives you a sense of purpose

  • Social – strong and loving relationships with family, friends, colleagues

  • Financial – financial security and experiential purchases bring more of a sense of wellbeing than material purchases

  • Community – engagement with people and projects in your community

  • Physical Wellbeing – good health, abundant energy and vitality

Missing from this list of wellbeing elements is the importance of a quality of harmony in the relationships which we have with ourselves, our bodies and others.

Although most people can improve in one or more of these areas in the short term (e.g. by dieting or exercising) it often cannot be sustained. This is because many of us are trapped in improving our function or external circumstances without a connection to an inner sense of being that is self-caring, nurturing and inter-dependent.

Reference: Adapted from “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements” by Tom Rath and Jim Harter, PhD.

Business Journal, May 4, 2010, Accessed from http://www.gallup.com/businessjournal/126884/five-essential-elements-wellbeing.aspx

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