Why choose The Buttery Private?

The Buttery Private program has been designed for busy people who need to take time out.

In a calm, secure place, participants can address issues which may compromise their quality of life. These issues, if left unaddressed could result over time in deeper, more debilitating problems. It is based on The Buttery’s very successful mental health and substance misuse treatment programs which for decades have been helping people achieve proven results.

As part of a detailed assessment process, you will work with your counsellor to develop a customised program to address your own individual needs.

Following an online and phone assessment prior to attending, participants undertake a four week residential program. This is followed  by a structured follow-up.

The program is designed to be affordable and delivers excellent value for money without compromising the quality of outcomes.

Because each program is tailored to individual needs, special attention is given to developing an outcomes planIf you have an enquiry about The Buttery Private, please complete the form below or phone 1300 851 695.

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